Oracle Contract


The price oracle's purpose is to balance the payout gained through combat, along with minting and reforging costs to the current dollar value of $VALK. This means that the following will happen if the dollar value per $VALK & $YRIO increases:
  • $VALK/$YRIO payouts decrease
  • Mint fighters costs less $VALK
  • Upgrade fighters costs less $YRIO
Conversely, if $VALK & $YRIO price in dollar falls under a specific amount the opposite of the above becomes true.
The oracle will ensure that daily income will always be larger than gas fee costs, unless the player chooses to lose a majority of their daily fights.
The Oracle will dynamically adjust fight payouts up or down depending on changes in the dollar value of $VALK/$YRIO.


The reason for the oracle's usage is so that the economy of the game is balanced around a set dollar value. There is a limited amount of $VALK token that can circulate in the economy, and an increase in users would likely drain all the $VALK present in the game contract.
By utilizing the oracle, Valkyrio forms a correlation between active users and the dollar value of $VALK. The assumption is that when $VALK price rises, the demand for $VALK increases as well through the release of new game features or an influx of new players.
The oracle will ensure consistent dollar value payouts per fight transaction at the time it was made, along with ensuring mint costs for NFTs remain at a consistent dollar value. This means that entry costs can be balanced and kept low enough to allow new players a chance to play even if the dollar value of $VALK rises.
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