Current Valkyrio

The story of Ragnarok will now continue with a new happening that Da Vinci sacrificed himself to activate the time machine, giving humans one more chance to win the battle of Ragnarok.
He accidentally created a wormhole between the two universes. Therefore, there will be 2 Ragnarok wars happening at the same time.The current battle is still on the offchain version at htttps:// with all fighters stay remain.
Another war will be happening by rolling back to Valkyrio Classic version which is onchain At this point, the human side will join the battle from Zero.
Two game battles will use same token $VALK but different reward mechanism. They will be ran parallelly.

About Valkyrio Classic

The Valkyrio Classic is the first version of Valkyrio game when the battle was basic with no Valkyrie, only fighters fighting with 4 monsters. The Valkyrio Classic version is the one having the most players of all Valkyrio time.
The Valkyrio Classic version is the most profitable versoin of all Valkyrio time.
The Valkyrio Classic version has the most friendly UI/UX to players.